Effect Of Taking Oral Honey In Reducing Postoperative Tonsillectomy Pain And Analgesic Dosage


  • Dr. Gehan Refat Hefnawy




Context: Tonsillectomy is one of the most common childhood operations. Postoperative complications of tonsillectomy include pain, nausea and vomiting, interruption of oral intake, airway obstruction with respiratory compromise, and primary or secondary postoperative bleeding.  Historically, honey has been used for wound control, reducing the inflammation, and healing acceleration. Aim: This study aimed to evaluate the effects of honey on reducing of postoperative pain and decreasing of analgesic dosage among tonsillectomy children 3-15 years old. Study Design: quasi-experimental study design was used. Materials and Methods: Forty patients were randomly divided in two equal groups. Control group were treated with traditional treatment (acetaminophen and antibiotic), while, case group were treated with (acetaminophen, antibiotic and 10 ml of pure honey every 8 hours). Data was gathered via interview of child relatives at the first day of operation than through telephone number the researcher fill questionnaire about pain score assess through Visual analogue scale (VAS) and number of painkiller taken through seven follow-up day. Statistical Analysis:  Data was analyzed by SPSS 17 software and related tests. Results: Pain comparison between two groups illustrated that the average time required for pain relief in patients who received honey was less than the control. The pain intensity was higher during the first 7 days post-operatively in control group. Results also showed that acetaminophen consumption in patients who received honey is lower. Conclusion: Honey has positive effect in reducing post tonsillectomy pain, and decreasing analgesic dosage and it can be used as an adjunctive regimen after surgery for better pain control.



2022-11-23 — Updated on 2022-11-23


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