Transformation Of School Management; Reflection Of Educational Management


  • Huda Al-Kubaisi , Sayed Shahbal , Amna Khan



The background of the study focus on the enhancement of literacy among the common population is one of the most essential, important, and necessarily need to evolve civilization. Education is the basic framework and necessity of every individual living in a particular society. Educational transformation usually requires and depends upon the specific mechanism that includes social change, leadership, management and governance, curriculum transformation, digitalized curriculum design, and constructive research institutional dilemma related to higher education management. Educational management is based on the transformational system linked to international standards and revised international laws and rituals regarding education. The aim of the present qualitative research is to understand the impact of the transformation of school management on the educational management system. A qualitative in-depth information has been assessed through the various research space paradigm and literature-based evidence. The result of transformation in educational management is based on the school management system that needs to be compliant with international, advanced, and productive interventions. The conclusion stated that management of the educational institution is the process through which the director gives directionality to the system that represents the school, by guiding and directing the teaching and administrative work of the same and its relations with the environment, to achieve the concerted educational project.



2022-11-23 — Updated on 2022-11-23


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