Impact Of Social Determinants Of Health Among The People With Diabete


  • Mr. J. Ravicoumar , Dr. K.Maharajan



Background: Although significant progress has been made in the treatment and management of type 2 diabetes mellitus, new tactics may benefit from non-pharmacological methods and other potential social determinants of health variables (e.g., education, socioeconomic status, social support and social distress behavior). Objective: To find the impact of social determinants of health   among the people with diabetes. Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted among the adult population of type 2 diabetes patients from primary health centres of Puducherry. Information was collected by using pre-designed questionnaire with a sample size of 650 consenting individuals. The data was analysed using Chi-square test. Results: Of the 560 participants, most of the respondents are in age-groups 41-50 years and mostly males. 32.9 percent of the respondents are attained educational level high school and 40.2 percent of the respondents having annual income more the Rs.1 Lakh. 75.4 percent of the respondents having social support and 60.0 percent of the respondents does not have diabetic distress and 72.7 percent of the respondents undergone treatment of the chronic disease is under control. The study shows that there is a association between two variables educational level and treatment of the respondents  and annual family income and treatment of the respondents both were statistically significant. Conclusion: The social determinants of health factors had a major impact on treatment of the people with diabetes. The findings from this study can help that the government and stake holders should impart education and knowledge about diabetes among the low-income groups of people.



2022-11-23 — Updated on 2022-11-23


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