Investigation Of The Relationship Between Diabetes Mellitus And ABO Blood Type In Iran


  • Abnoos Mokhtari , Mina Behzadi



Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic high prevalence disease with a lot of complications which by timely diagnosis of the disease and screening of high risk individuals, the complications can be prevented and even we can delay the onset of catching the disease or onset of the complications. To attain this goal, we should recognize the risk factors of the disease which are a mixture of genetic and environmental factors such as obesity and decreased activity and positive family history. This study is designed to investigate the association of blood type and diabetes since there is still very different and not definite results in this regard. In this study, 1500 diabetic patients were selected among adherents of Afzalipour and Shafa hospital and Be'Sat clinic and those who participated in the Kercard project at the Physiology Center of Kerman University of Medical Sciences. Patient selection was based on weight, age of onset of the disease, drug treatment used to control blood glucose and initial symptoms of the disease, so patients were divided into two groups F type 1 and type 2 diabetes based on history of their disease. After determining the blood group, the results were analyzed with comparison to 10000 healthy random individuals presenting the general population. The relationship between blood group and Rh type and diabetes mellitus was evaluated and the chi-square test showed no significant difference between the case and control groups.



2022-11-21 — Updated on 2022-11-21


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