• D. Hemalatha
  • S Jambulingam



Human Resource Management, Tamil Nadu, Multispecialty hospitals, Health care system.


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted healthcare workers physically and psychologically. Healthcare workers are more vulnerable to COVID-19 infection than the general population due to frequent contact with infected individuals. Healthcare workers have been required to work under stressful conditions without proper protective equipment, and make difficult decisions involving ethical implications. Health and social systems across the globe are struggling to cope. The situation is especially challenging in humanitarian, fragile and low-income country contexts, where health and social systems are already weak. Services to provide sexual and reproductive health care risk being sidelined, which will lead to higher maternal mortality and morbidity. The shortage of PPE has put many healthcare workers at risks for getting infected with COVID-19. Human resources are important assets of any organization and good functioning of hospitals services primarily depends on its employees. If hospital administrators spot those elements which influence the satisfaction of employees from their work and executes strategies to address these elements quality of hospital services will enhance. Different kinds of human resources (medical &non medical) are involved to provide healthcare services. So these people are responsible to provide quality of hospital services. Best hospital services the hospital can provide only depend on knowledge, skills and motivation of HR personnel who are involved in delivering hospital services. Organization culture is also a main factor in enhancements of services delivered by hospitals. The scholar adopted survey method and administered three types of questionnaires regarding HRM practices. The research study was based on 50 samples from 5 multispecialty hospitals in Tamil Nadu. The study concluded that HRM practices was average level and different hospital have different practices so that there is a strong need to work for enhancements of these practices. It was found that most of the respondents were male and their satisfaction was low. It was found that most of the hospitals have face financial obstacles challenge and staffs retention strategies should be followed essentially. The main troubles in health care delivery system are scarcity and unequal allocation of health care human resources, funding and resource distribution, inappropriate technology, insufficient facilities and unproductive management. There is lots of thing to be done for enhancements of HRM practices of hospital organizations in Tamil Nadu. The study revealed that the hospital administrators and health system authority should make policy which best match needs and requirements of their employees and hospital organizations.




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D. Hemalatha, & S Jambulingam. (2022). IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON HRM PRACTICES IN MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALS IN TAMIL NADU. Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results, 1930–1939.