Access and Utilization of E-Resources among the Research Scholars of Annamalai University: A Gender Approach


  • Khumbar Debbarma
  • K. Praveena



Access, Utilization, E-resources, Gender, Research scholars, Annamalai University.


E-resources are superior that provided Information of current value, are easy to use, can be obtained at a cost that is affordable, are accessible from any location, and can be utilized in parallel by a large number of people. In the current study, access to and consumption of E-resources, as well as disparities in utilization based on gender, are investigated among research scholars. This study aims to learn about the gender differences in research scholars' access and use of E-resources, as well as the reasons behind these differences. The survey method with a structured questionnaire was used in these investigations. A descriptive research procedure was carried out on the sample of 400 researchers from Annamalai University's faculty of Arts and Science for the purpose of the study. In this particular study, the chi-square test, together with frequency and percentage analysis, was utilized. It was shown that the majority of research academics, both male and female, utilization of the e-resources were average. Despite the fact that there is a good infrastructure of e-resources available on campus, female research scholars are falling further behind their male counterparts when it comes to making use of E-resources. The discovery underscores the necessity to impart information literacy to research scholars about e-resources and their usefulness in research through various orientation programmes offered by institutions and libraries. This requirement was brought to light by the finding. The findings of the study indicate that ongoing training in information literacy skills, with a primary emphasis on the retrieval of E-information, would be extremely beneficial for ensuring the successful utilization of e-resources and having an understanding of the many advantages that offer.




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Khumbar Debbarma, & K. Praveena. (2022). Access and Utilization of E-Resources among the Research Scholars of Annamalai University: A Gender Approach. Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results, 1870–1878.