Hydro-chemical Investigation of Ground Water in Eastern Rural area, Aligarh District (U.P.)


  • Dharmendra Pratap Singh
  • Neerja Sharma




Water Quality Index, Hydro-chemical analysis, Total Hardness, Total dissolved solids.


Various water quality parameters are analyzed in three blocks (Bijauli, Gangeri and Jawan) of the eastern part of Aligarh district (U.P.). From each block ten water samples have been collected to characterize the groundwater status for potability and other purposes. In this analysis, various hydro-chemical parameters are examined including pH, turbidity, electrical conductivity (EC), Total Dissolved Solids, total hardness, sulphate (SO42-), phosphate (PO42-), Total alkalinity and Nitrate (NO32-) concentrations present in water samples. The findings were compared to BIS standards. This work is focused on the evaluation of the water quality index (WQI) of three blocks ground water. To calculate WQI, the above parameters are considered. The water quality index for these 30 samples ranges from 30.68 to 71.83. High value of water quality index in Bijouli block is found that the WQI mainly comes from higher limits of Fe, NO32-, total dissolved solids, hardness, and F- in underground water. Gangeri and Jawan blocks WQI show that the water of these blocks is good and useful for every purpose. The results of evaluations can be used for design models to predict water quality. The analysis shows that the water in the study area is currently appropriate for normal purposes and irrigation, but the some parameters are approaching a higher limit and need a certain degree of treatment before consumption and must be protected from the risk of contamination and must be regularly checked to maintain quality in the future as well.




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Dharmendra Pratap Singh, & Neerja Sharma. (2022). Hydro-chemical Investigation of Ground Water in Eastern Rural area, Aligarh District (U.P.). Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results, 1860–1869. https://doi.org/10.47750/pnr.2022.13.S09.224