Civil and Criminal Procedure and Criminal Proceeding in Pharmaceutical Industry


  • Arief Hidayat Tumanggor
  • Reza Febrian
  • Iskandar Muda
  • Andri Sumitra
  • Sugianto



Civil, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Proceeding.


This article discusses civil and criminal laws and the process of their implementation. Civil law, which is a product of private law, has
undergone many developments and changes, as has criminal law, which is public law. Legal developments need to be further studied to gain
a deeper understanding of these legal products and their applications in society. This research is qualitative in nature with a statutory,
conceptual approach and literature study, and also uses a literature study to obtain all information and thoughts from relevant research results
related to civil and criminal law products. In its application, civil law in Indonesia originated from Burgerlik Wetboek (B. W.), which was
later adopted into the Civil Code (KUH Perdata), which civilly regulates various matters relating to individual and legal entity issues, family
law, property law, and inheritance law. While criminal law regulates the relationship between the interests of the state or society and
individuals, the state has the highest position above that of an individual or someone who has committed a crime.




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Arief Hidayat Tumanggor, Reza Febrian, Iskandar Muda, Andri Sumitra, & Sugianto. (2022). Civil and Criminal Procedure and Criminal Proceeding in Pharmaceutical Industry. Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results, 1589–1602.