Qualitative Study on Lived in Experiences of Breast Cancer Patients at Mahagujarat Hospital, Nadiad


  • Shana Vahora
  • Chirangi Talpada
  • Nisha Prajapati
  • Khushi Patel
  • Smit Patel
  • Hiral Varsoliya
  • Arpita Vaidya




Breast cancer; Chemotherapy; Lived in experiences; Patients.


Introduction: Breast cancer is the most prevalent and fatal form of cancer worldwide. India stands first among other countries in breast cancer mortality. This study shed light on the subjective life experiences of women who were diagnosed with Breast cancer, the study reviews the different factors like personal, familial, social and financial affecting the lifestyle and management of disease as Breast cancer affects all the dimensions of health of an individual. Knowing the subjective feelings, experiences and expectation will help to highlight the importance of quality care and better coping to the disease.
1. To explore the lived in experiences of Breast cancer patients.
2. To explore the various dimensions of the lived in experiences of Breast cancer patients.
Materials and Methods: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study was conducted. Samples were selected by the Non probability purposive sampling method. The data got saturated with 10 samples. The researcher interviewed them by using semi structured open ended questions and tape recorded the conversations where investigator has attained at least 6 to 8 sitting lasted for about 30-40 minutes with each participants. The investigator used local language for the interview and recorded in mobile, the recordings were transcribed verbatim according to themes and subthemes.
Results: Coalizzi’s data analysis framework was used to analyze the transcribed data and from the analysis seven themes extracted and they were; 1) lived time 2) lived body 3) lived treatment 4) lived relationship 5) lived economical 6) lived vocational 7) lived spiritual. It was found that participants acknowledge fear, anxiety and frustration with their diagnosis and body changes. Participants were not able to do their daily activity by their own throughout the treatment phase due to extreme weakness and tiredness. It provides evidences that Breast cancer has psychological damage to patient’s life they feel more anxious and depressed.

Conclusion: The study attempted to explore the lived in experiences of Breast cancer patients and it was found that Breast cancer patients report that they continue to experience physical, disease related discomfort, but use multiple ways to improve coping. In terms of psychological dimension, they learn to improve strength with the help of spiritual beliefs. In terms of social dimensions, support from the family, friends and relatives was the keyto cope through their treatment. The findings highlight the need of nurse’s care and concern for the subjective aspects in women with breast cancer and also time for sharing the experiences and feelings in such dreadful illness which helps to bring ideas for improving the quality of life and better coping.




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Shana Vahora, Chirangi Talpada, Nisha Prajapati, Khushi Patel, Smit Patel, Hiral Varsoliya, & Arpita Vaidya. (2022). Qualitative Study on Lived in Experiences of Breast Cancer Patients at Mahagujarat Hospital, Nadiad. Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results, 1367–1373. https://doi.org/10.47750/pnr.2022.13.S09.163