Effectiveness of implementing sepsis bundle of care on nurses' knowledge performance and ICU patient out comes


  • Ejlal Madany Ayoub
  • Fatmah Omar Mohd Zelaee
  • Laila Hussien Awaji Hakami
  • Narjs ahmad shhar
  • Talal Omar A hadi Mohammed
  • Fatimah Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed




Background: Sepsis can cause severe degeneration in individuals it is vital to determined early. So important concern that can be addressed by critical care nurses' education is a lack of nursing competence and training about sepsis diagnoses. Aim: To evaluate effectiveness of implementing sepsis bundle of care on nurses' knowledge, performance, and ICU patient outcomes. Methods: Across-sectional correlational survey design was conduct in an intensive care unit, from 6 February 2022 to 29April 2022, study carry out in intensive care unit in Jizan hospitals. Conclusion: The study's results indicate that nurses' knowledge and practices about the sepsis bundle are insufficient in the intensive care unit's early days, but that when educational programs and policies were focused on, there was a significant improvement in the percentage of nurses' knowledge and practice. Recommendation: Provide Establish a new protocol that focuses triage and early detection of infection cases in emergency departments nurses with regular training sessions to help them succeed their sepsis bundle practices in critically ill patients.




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Ejlal Madany Ayoub, Fatmah Omar Mohd Zelaee, Laila Hussien Awaji Hakami, Narjs ahmad shhar, Talal Omar A hadi Mohammed, & Fatimah Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed. (2022). Effectiveness of implementing sepsis bundle of care on nurses’ knowledge performance and ICU patient out comes. Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results, 1330–1338. https://doi.org/10.47750/pnr.2022.13.S09.159