Comparative Evaluation Of Knowledge And Awareness About Mucormycosis In Dental And Medical Practitioners In Western Maharashtra


  • Fazal S Mujawar
  • Sameer A Zope
  • Girish F Suragimath
  • Siddhartha Varma
  • Apurva V Kale
  • Vaishali Mashalkar



Covid-19, fungal infection, medical education, mucormycosis, pandemic, practitioners.


Introduction: The estimated mucormycosis mortality rate in India ranges from 28-52%. High morbidity and mortality have been linked to delayed diagnosis and treatment. Medical and dental practitioners play a crucial role in identifying the disease and formulating a treatment plan. Hence it is important for medical and dental practitioners have adequate knowledge about mucormycosis.
Objective: To evaluate and compare knowledge and awareness about mucormycosis amongst dental and medical practitioners.
Methods: This cross-sectional survey was conducted among Medical and Dental practitioners in Western Maharashtra. A specially designed prevalidated questionnaire was developed, consisting of 15 questions. It was distributed through electronic mode utilizing google form during July 1st, 2022 to August 31st, 2022. SPSS Version 21 software was used for statistical analysis. The data obtained was statistically analysed using paired T-test.
Results: A total of 604 responses were obtained among which 266 (44.04%) were medical practitioners and 338 (54.96%) were dental practitioners. Variations in responses indicated that practitioners from both the groups were nescient regarding causative organisms, predisposing factors, and guidelines for drugs used in treatment of mucormycosis. There was no significant difference observed in the level of knowledge and awareness among both the groups.
Conclusions: Majority of the dental and medical practitioners lacked adequate knowledge and awareness about causative agents, predisposing factors, clinical symptoms, and drug regimens used to treat mucormycosis. Periodic continuing professional education programs are required to impart updated knowledge about mucormycosis among these practitioners.




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Fazal S Mujawar, Sameer A Zope, Girish F Suragimath, Siddhartha Varma, Apurva V Kale, & Vaishali Mashalkar. (2022). Comparative Evaluation Of Knowledge And Awareness About Mucormycosis In Dental And Medical Practitioners In Western Maharashtra. Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results, 1299–1304.