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Is Bitcoin A Currency?


  • Hamad Mohammed Alyassi , Mohammed Abdulrhman Alkmali , Arieffdslleh Bin Bosman



This article aims to clarify some of the basics of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and the possibility of it becoming an official currency according to Islamic regulations or even in the Western world, these cryptocurrencies have been widely traded recently due to their value and ease of obtaining. Also, this article shows the aspect of the validity of using Bitcoin as an cryptocurrency in accordance with Islamic Sharia and whether it is allowed to be traded as an official currency in the Arab world or the whole world, as international organizations must adopt it, and through research and until this moment there is no country that has officially adopted it except the State of El Salvador, where The state wanted to adopt this idea and adopt it as a means of payment only because its economy is poor and this idea may help to attract investors and raise the state's economy.





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