A Causal Study On Hybrid Model And Its Impact On Employee Job Performance


  • N. Chellam , Dr. Divya D




Organizations are changing to meet the changing needs of their customers and employees. The functional way of working from conservative to technological mode has gained the attention of employers to be more focused on employees' work life balance and performance. In the technology era, the concept of hybrid models has become most commonly adopted in the third decade of the 21st century, especially in the IT sector. They were conducting research with millennial generations when the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, causing an abrupt global change. This has completely changed the way the organisation was functioning and affected each and every aspect of its functions. This includes working style, communication patterns, working hours, job performance, and interpersonal relationships.

Organizations are forced to implement the hybrid model to meet the changing needs of the business to ensure the business runs on its own and employees are performing at their best. The digital transformation has become the medium of choice for organisations to integrate the office workplace and flexible working hours. Employees nowadays prefer to work from home because technology allows them to work from anywhere while still having time to care for their families. This was the least preferred for employers before the pandemic, and after the pandemic, the employee’s choice has become the liberal working style. To meet the changing needs of the employees, the hybrid work model is implemented across the globe at all levels. Though it gives the advantage of working from anywhere, at the same time, it has impacted job performance. The individual contributor’s performance was doing well, but team performance has suffered remarkably. The teleworking model has affected interpersonal relationships among employees and job performance has become a questionable element for organizations. The front line managers are focused on tasks, extended working hours, and the employees' personal concerns are ignored due to lack of personal touch and exchange of encouraging words. This impacted the job performance and led to high employee turnover. Organizations are trying to address employees' concerns through various programmes to build relationships and improve job performance. The objective of this study is to analyse the impact of the hybrid model and to provide insights on how to manage employees to perform better at work.



2022-11-14 — Updated on 2022-11-14


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