Blockchain-Based Internet of Things Security and Reliability via SDN-Enabled 5G-VANETs


  • N Srikanth Reddy
  • Leopoldo, Choque-Flores
  • Praveen Ponia
  • Mukta Sandhu
  • Yogesh Mahajan
  • Chanakya Kumar



Blockchain, 5G-VANET, IoT, security and privacy, SDN, trust.


New opportunities for vehicular Internet of Things (IoT) services using current and modern rational transportation system, along with newer challenges for vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs). Along with improved network performance, a workable and trustworthy security system is required to handle trust management while maintaining user privacy. A key technology for extremely dependable, low-latency wireless communication services is the newly developed 5G mobile communication system. Additionally, the software-defined network (SDN) design allows for network control and worldwide data collection within the 5G-VANET. As a result, real-time IoT services for monitoring and reporting on transportation can be effectively supported. Both open the door for a cutting-edge automobile security system.
This paper investigates the security and privacy issue in the transportation system and the vehicular IoT environment in SDN-enabled 5G-VANET. A blockchain-based security framework is created to support the vehicular IoT services, such as real-time cloud-based video reporting and trust management on vehicular messaging, due to the decentralised and immutable nature of blockchain. The 5G-VANET model with SDN support and the framework's scheduling processes are specifically illustrated in this study. The outcomes of the numerical simulation also demonstrate that it is possible to detect malicious vehicular nodes or communications while maintaining acceptable overhead and network performance impacts in large-scale scenarios. We show how our design considerably ensures a secure and reliable vehicle IoT environment with user privacy preserved through case studies and theoretical analysis.




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N Srikanth Reddy, Leopoldo, Choque-Flores, Praveen Ponia, Mukta Sandhu, Yogesh Mahajan, & Chanakya Kumar. (2022). Blockchain-Based Internet of Things Security and Reliability via SDN-Enabled 5G-VANETs. Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results, 506–522.