Enhanced Machine learning algorithms Lightweight Ensemble Classification of Normal versus Leukemic Cel


  • Ajay Reddy Yeruva
  • Renjith P N
  • Asmita Dixit
  • Aatif Jamshed
  • Ravi Rastogi




leukemia, machine learning, deep learning, ensemble classification.


Leukemia is type of cancer in blood which impacts the lymphatic framework and the bone marrow and also impacts white blood cells. Leukemia, in contrast to other types of cancer, does not produce solid tumors; instead, it produces a huge number of aberrant white blood cells that crowd out the healthy blood cells. Machine learning algorithms that are widely utilized in the treatment of leukemia, whether it is to classify the various forms of leukemia or to determine whether a patient has the disease. It is a malignant kind of cancer that results in a number of medical issues. Expert hematologists and pathologists manually examine blood samples under the microscope to make a diagnosis. Techniques like image processing and pattern recognition can be utilized to help these experts. In order to attain excellent performance in the categorization of malignant leukocytes challenge, this paper suggests straightforward modifications to conventional neural network topologies. Consequently, there is considerable interest in the trustworthy and precise recognition of nonmalignant and malignant cells. Leukemia can be automatically detected using computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) models, which can help doctors and be useful for leukemia early identification. In this single-center study, we attempted to develop a deep learning model for classification of leukemic B-lymphoblasts. Data augmentation methods were utilized to manage the little dataset size and an exchange learning technique was utilized to accelerate learning and upgrade the presentation of the recommended network in order to create a trustworthy and accurate deep learner. The outcomes demonstrate that our suggested approach surpassed seperate networks with a test accuracy of 95.59% in the Leukemic B-lymphoblast examination, and was caable to merge characteristics extracted from the top deep learning models.




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K. SRIDHAR, Ajay Reddy Yeruva, Renjith P N, Asmita Dixit, Aatif Jamshed, & Ravi Rastogi. (2022). Enhanced Machine learning algorithms Lightweight Ensemble Classification of Normal versus Leukemic Cel. Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results, 496–505. https://doi.org/10.47750/pnr.2022.13.S09.056