Evaluation of mothers' information regarding of the utilize of antibiotics for their children under five years of age


  • Salim Amir Yousef




knowledge, mothers, Antibiotics misuse.


Background: Antibiotics are substances that stop germs from multiplying or growing. They are the drugs that are misused the most frequently, which has caused an increase in the number of germs that are resistant to antibiotics. Numerous studies have shown that moms have limited awareness of the use and negative effects of antibiotics. These women frequently use self-medication on their kids and rely on unreliable information from television, the internet, and their social networks..
Objective: The research aims to assess the drug awareness of mothers about antibiotics in health care centers in the city of Hilla, and to Analyze the risk variables for antibiotic overuse among women who visited primary care facilities.
Materials and Methods: For the purposes of the analysis, a complete summary empirical drafting the analysis was executed in the primary health care centers in the city of Hilla for the evaluation of mothers' knowledge on the administration of antibiotics to children under the age of five. A questionnaire used to measure the variables was developed, modified for our sample collection, and verified.. The instrument is divided into two parts, socio-demographic characteristics of mothers and questions to assess mother's knowledge. Chi-Square (π2) check: was used to determine the interaction between the knowledge of mother's about the use of antibiotics with other sample socio-demographic characteristics.
Results: Less than two fifth (47.4%) of mother’s age were between (26-35) year and more than two third (72.2%) were rural. Regarding to Mother’s educational level, more than one quarter of sample (25.6%) were primary. More than half (53.4%) of mother were use antibiotics for their child without a prescription. More than three quarters 101 (75.9%) of mother were having poor knowledge.
Conclusions and recommendations : The most participated mothers had inadequate knowledge. Also there is significant relationship between mother’s knowledge and educational level. Antibacterial drug control systems should be established, and restrict OTC sale of antibiotics. Another recommendation is to increase mothers awareness and provide health educational programs.




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