Nursing Students` Knowledge and Attitude Regarding HIV/AIDS


  • Hemn Kareem Qadir



HIV/AIDS, Knowledge, Attitude, Students, nursing, nursing students


Background: There have been many cases of HIV/AIDS in Kurdistan Region-Iraq as mentioned by ministry of health in Kurdistan region Iraq, and it is increasing every year. The HIV/AIDS Training is not involved formally in the program of the university. This investigation
evaluated the knowledge and attitudes of nursing students` regarding HIV/AIDS in Erbil city.
Aim: To assess nursing students’ knowledge about HIV/AIDS, who are future nurses, and to identify their attitudes toward HIV/AIDS.
Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted with 217 Erbil medical technical nursing students both stages both genders in Erbil city-Iraq during the 2021-2022 academic year, they participated voluntarily to fill a questionnaire sheet knowledge and AIDS Attitude Scale (AAS) developed by the investigator.
Results: A total of 217 nursing students participated in the survey. Their age ranges from (19-28 years) with mean age 21.69± 4.6 years,
only 25 participants (11.5%) were having high knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS, and only 3 of participants (1.4%) had high attitudes toward HIV/AIDS.
Discussion: The majority of nursing students had medium knowledge of HIV/AIDS. Almost all of them have negative attitude toward
HIV/AIDS. Though, for the high proportion (65.9%) of low attitudes and (32.7%) with medium attitudes of nursing students, a review of
the recent instructive element on HIV/AIDS is essential. Minority of the nursing students have superior level of knowledge in regards to
HIV/AIDS and disappointed number had positive attitudes in regards to HIV/AIDS.
Conclusion: Improving basic knowledge of nursing students regarding HIV/AIDS is essential, nonetheless also fighting against HIV/AIDS misconception. The current research illustrated that nursing students must learn more regarding HIV/AIDS. And the negative conception of HIV/AIDS by the upcoming nurses should be addressed to advance the quality of nursing care.







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