A Healthcare Chatbot System Using Python And NLP


  • Jagbeer Singh, Vaibhav Deshwal, Sourabh Kumar, Manish Khaloria, Manish Yadav, Priyanshu Negi




To sustain a cherished and happy life healthcare plays a very important role in it. However, it is very difficult to consult a doctor if you have any  health  problems. Chat bots  is  basically  interact  using  text  or  voice  and  to  get  answers  using  artificial intelligence. A chatbot is a program  that  is  programmed  in  such  a  way that  it  takes some sort of input from the user then it process it using decision tree or  some sort of decision  making  algorithm  to   give   an   accurate   and   desired   output  to the user. differently, On the  basis  of  some  sort  of  known  keywords, some patterns chat bot identifies the actual problem and  replies  on  the  basis  of  those, the  chatbot basically need to have a  idea  what  the  user  wants  and  need  and  on  the  basis  of  that  idea  it gives  a  suitable  response  with  efficiency. The chatbot connects you with potential patients who visit your site, find a specialist, make an appointment, and provide you with the right care.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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