Third Person Shooter Game


  • Gourav Saini , Udit Verma, Amit Kumar Saini



Game designing is the art of applying designs, imagination and aesthetics to create games for joy entertainment, education, practice, and experimentation purposes. In game designing, elements and principles are rapidly being applied to many other interactions in the form of gaming evolution. Games have inspired groundbreaking research in artificial intelligence, probability, optimization theory and economics. Applying game designs to ourselves is the present research topic of Meta design. There are many concepts on which game can be developed like Strategic decision making, Develop rules with learning tools, single or multiplayer, storyline and plot, luck and strategy, these can be further developed on a first and third person or 2D basis.

With the increasing global competition in game production, the importance of  the ability to generate new ideas for computer game development has become widely recognized. In this context, the ability to actually utilize well-known creative techniques or their adaptations  to support innovation in this field is a promising challenge in the field of amusement games. The main goal is to build innovative games that are not  identified using the usual methods used to analyze game proposals. We present a case study of developing a basic game that meets the most basic requirements of a third-person shooter.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31

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